Growing Success through early childhood development

Our Services

Our mission is to provide the community with an early childhood education program in which the administration, staff, and parents collaborate effectively to foster children's natural love for learning and to nurture each child's individual development.

Infant Program

Children in the Infant Program at the Growing Tree explore the safe, stimulating, environment under the loving supervision and guidance of our infant care giving staff.  Infant caregivers encourage mobility, self-awareness, communication between the child’s parents and caregivers.

At The Growing Tree, the safety of our children is our #1 priority. Our staff is attentive to your supervision and feeding desires. We have an organized system of cleanliness and handling when it comes to formula, baby food, breast milk and snacks. Our staff is well trained to prepare and administer feedings with gentleness and care.

Toddler Program

Children learn by actively exploring their environment.  The Toddler Program at The Growing Tree offers children ways to become actively involved in discovery, investigation, and play with a variety of learning materials.  Our toddler classroom is well-organized and well equipped to provide experiences for toddlers in building blocks, literacy, creative arts, dramatic play, active physical play (indoor and outdoor), sensory development, and social interaction. Each child is assigned a primary teacher to care for his/her individual needs and to develop a positive relationship with his/her family.  Daily communication between the parents and staff is an essential part of the program in order for staff to become an extension of the child’s family.

Pre School Program

The Preschool program brings an exciting range of learning experiences to preschool-age children. The program offers and encourages opportunities for cooperative play, positive peer interactions, the development of self-esteem, and a wide array of planned activities that spark imagination and curiosity in young learners. The Growing Tree Preschool program uses The Creative Curriculum as a guide for planning activities for the children. 

The preschool classroom is equipped to accommodate children’s needs and is divided into interest areas including blocks, dramatic play, science/ discovery, language arts/library, math/manipulatives, outdoor play, and computers.  An art studio within the classroom allows children to create with different art media and learn to enjoy the process of art.

Our Preschool staff is educated and experienced in the field of Early Childhood Education.  The preschool staff promotes the development of each child as an individual by offering “freedom within limits” in order to enhance each child’s ability to problem-solve, achieve goals, and develop self-esteem.  Throughout the day children have the opportunity to participate in group activities, partner play, and individual work.

Pre-K Program

The Growing Tree Pre-K and Kindergarten programs provide families with a licensed, high-quality program in a small group setting.  The curriculum of these programs include project work; individual journals; authors of the month; math concepts such as numbers, counting, adding, and sorting; reading; language arts; project related fieldtrips; science; art; physical fitness; yoga; music; and much more. The full day programs allow more time for the children to ask questions, make discoveries, and encourages independence.

Suggested prerequisites for the Pre-K classroom
Students must be potty trained, be able to recognize at least half of the alphabet; be able to recognize numbers 1-10, be able to spell their first name; be starting to practice their address and parents’ names; and be prepared to try new things.

School Aged Program

During the summer months from the first week of June through August, The Growing Tree offers a Summer School Age program for families in need.  Space in the school- age summer program is limited. We host weekly camps, Sno-Cone days, field trips and reading programs all summer long! Spaces are reserved on a first- come basis. 

This program is also used for winter delays and in service days. Before and after school care is also available. The Growing Tree has a bus stop at West Point Elementary and The Growing Tree II has a bus stop at Mountain View Elementary. Please make arrangements with your local school.

The Growing Tree

The Growing Tree Child Development Center, Inc. was created in response to the need in our community for high quality early childhood education for young children and their families. Our administration and staff creates and maintains an environment of stability, safety, and play, which are essential to meet the educational, physical, and emotional needs of children and their families.